• Disinfects new molded bottles & caps
  • Keep lines and equipment disinfected
  • Provides overall bacterio-static condition
  • Ozone increases shelf life
  • Improves taste of the water

In the Bottled water treatment process, Ozone plays a major role as a powerful disinfectant. It is hard to imagine a water bottling plant without the ozonation process. Ozone improves the quality, consistency, aesthetics and the shelf life period of water. Ozone disinfects not only bottled water, but also disinfects bottles, bottle sealing caps and bottling equipment. Ozone enables environmentally-friendly clean treatment process. Ozone has become the best choice of technology among water bottlers worldwide, due to its disinfectant properties and ability to remove unwanted taste and odour.

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  • Ozone is a natural product formed by treating the oxygen in the air
  • Ozone provides treated bottled water which is safer, cleaner, colourless, odourless, palatable & oxygenerated
  • Ozone is very effective against essentially all taste & odour causing organic materials & oxidizable inorganic materials
  • Ozone does not produce any undesirable secondary effects like other oxidants
  • Ozone effect over a wide pH range and inactivites micro-organisms in water
  • Ozone enables rapid treatment and control of odour which affects the quality & safety of water
  • Residual ozone sterilizes bottles in which the water is being packaged
  • Half life of ozone in pure water is 20 minutes

Ozone Injection in Bottled Water System


Products for Bottling Plant

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Bottling Plant


Air Feed Ozone Generator


Oxygen Feed Ozone Generator


O2 Integrated Ozone Generator


Ozone Skid System


Dissolved Ozone Monitor


Ambient Ozone Monitor


Ozone Destructor


Mixing Pump and Injector

Why Faraday Crystal?

Faraday Crystal determines the perfect ozone system for your bottling plant. We have several capacities of ozone generator and its accessories which allows you to select the best from us. Our focus is on the quality of the products and we are experts in bottling plant application as our products are exported all over the world. We have a large list of customers in Middle East countries - Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai etc.

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