Our Research & Development team works extensively on ozone based technologies and comes up with leading edge products & solutions. Our R&D engineers focus on continuous improvement to develop application oriented end-to-end solutions by understanding ever changing customer needs & by implementing latest technologies.

State-of-art research laboratory in our main facility is actively into various application of ozone technology, product innovation, design development and extensive testing. We have vast experience in Plasma Science, High Voltage Engineering, Thermal Transfer Efficiencies, Mechanical CAD, PLC & Automation. Over the years, we have built lasting relationship with many clients spread across globe. Our strengths that differentiate us from our competitors,

  • Quality standards in all level of our product as international systems & practices
  • Intensive monitoring and control on manufacturing and testing process
  • Committed to offer prompt delivery of products and after sale services
  • Empowered with highly skilled and experienced manpower


Our Innovation

Faraday is on the constant quest for novel solutions, making strategies and innovations to fight for various social needs including treatment of air and water using ozone technology. We are most successful in delivering ozone treatment system that fits our customer needs. We offer our best ozone patented modular desgins in both air and water cooled technology.


Ozone Block Technology

Our ozone block water cooled modular is our unique innovation which enables most efficient, cost-effective & reliable method to produce ozone gas. It is made up of stainless steel and aluminium alloy using precision laser cutting and manufacturing processes. It has a high cooling efficiency that ensure a high concentration and liner output as well.


  • Easily interface to PLC or computer
  • Silent, Rugged, Reliable and cost effective
  • 23 KHz operating frequency for silent operation
  • Service simplicity due to automatic fault diagnosis


Ozone Air Cooled Modular

Our ozone electrodes air cooled modular has a high cooling efficiency that will ensure a good concentration and liner output as well. This air cooled modular compactness also means naturally higher gas output pressure and its a key factor to Faraday's Ozone generators, which gives prompt ozone concentrations.


  • Small Concentration allowing generator to be installed in virtually any area
  • Creates a pure form of ozone without affecting other harmful gases
  • Corona electrodes life can exceed upto 10 years
  • Can create high quantities of ozone

Our Quality norms

At Faraday, we don't treat quality control as merely an inspection tool. We follow comprehensive quality control measures at every stage of design and production of our products. We employ best machines for conducting exhaustive physical tests of our products ensuring that they perform to the highest standards of quality and precision. Being a quality driven firm, we at our production unit perform various tests like:

  • Measure Ozone Production for every product produced
  • High pressure air leakage detection
  • Low-voltage directive
  • Energy consumption test