• Continuous fat removal
  • Continuous smell reduction
  • No use of filters or lamps
  • Destroys bacteria
  • Prolongs life of the duct & the fan

Stain of grease in the ventilation systems of commercial kitchen ducting imposes significant fire risks and requires frequent cleaning. This results in bad smell and can also represent a real problem for the restaurants in residental areas. To overcome all issues, ozone is one of the best solution for the kitchen ducts. Odour and smoke are oxidized by ozone in a chemical reaction which results in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. After treatment, ozone itself gets converted back into oxygen. It eliminates all micro organisms effectively due to its strong disinfection & oxidizing power.

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  • Ozone kills bacteria, mould, fungus, spores, viruses and all unwanted microorganisms
  • Ozone destroys oils, solids, grease and other contaminants keeping the exhaust duct clean
  • Ozone removes all odour and smoke
  • Ozone increases the life time of the ventilation system
  • Easy to integrate with both old and new kitchen installations
  • Permanent solution for maintaining the duct free of accumulated grease
  • It treats everything unwanted and finally disintegrates into life needed oxygen

Ozone Injection in Kitchen Duct


Products for Kitchen Duct

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Kitchen Duct


Oxoclean Ozone Generator


Air Feed Ozone Generator


Ambient Ozone Monitor

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Faraday Crystal determines the perfect ozone system for your kitchen duct. We have several capacities of ozone generator and its accessories which allows you to select the best from us. Our focus is on the quality of the products and we are experts in kitchen duct application as our products are exported all over the world. We have a large list of customers in Middle East countries - Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai etc.

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